Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Power White

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Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Power White is designed to give your teeth an instantly visible white glow with 1 brush. It makes your teeth increasingly brighter with its blue light technology and gradually removes yellow stains for clean and super white teeth.


Closeup Diamond Attraction Power White Toothpaste is specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

This creamy foam formula and diamond-shaped beads clean your teeth deep within so they won’t stain.

The minty flavor leaves you with a refreshingly clean feeling. Closeup Power White gel toothpaste is a fast-acting innovative whitening technology.

It’s one of the fastest-acting kinds of toothpaste available. It combines a unique microparticle agent with a high concentration of the most powerful natural bleach.

Closeup Diamond Attraction White Gel leaves teeth two shades lighter after one brushing. It contains an ingredient, called Blue Covering.

This compound is known for its property of depositing itself on the tooth enamel surface, which brings about changes in its optical property.

As a result, it brings out the whitest of whites.

Simple mixing of complementary colors would give you white, It is known.

Closeup’s exclusive formula has a special blend of ingredients that help improve the appearance of teeth.

It removes surface stains, leaving you with whiter teeth in just one brushing.

Closeup Power White has succeeded in making a formula that works on all kinds of teeth, having a variety of tinges of yellow.

The Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Power White is the only toothpaste that contains technology that prevents sensitivity.

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The picture shows Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Power White which is formulated with blue light technology by oral cosmetic experts.

Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Power White

AED 50.00