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  • AED 46.00

    Highlights High-quality nutritional health drink to stabilize the metabolic disorders of the body due to Diabetes Ideal for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients Regulates sugar level and stabilizes the metabolic disorder

  • Ch-Alpha Gelenk Kollagen Ampules - 30 TrinkampullenCh-Alpha Gelenk Kollagen Ampules - 30 Trinkampullen 1
    AED 374.00

    Highlights Gain and Muscle Mass Fast Protein Absorption with this supplement Muscle Supply Strength and Magnitude to the body Contains essential and non-essential amino acids in it Ch-alpha contains fortigel, an active ingredient proven to promote joint health 70% of the cartilage substance consists of collagen Collagen makes the joints…

  • WEBBER NATURAL Multisure Women 50+ 60S
    AED 104.95

    Highlights Helps maintain healthy looking nails Helps restore color to discolored fingernails and toenails Helps to restore clarity to discolored fingernails and toenails Helps restore skin’s healthy ph Maintain healthy looking nails by removing keratin debris through cleaning