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  • BOOBEAUTY Cyber Sonic Hearing Aids -26% Off
    AED 25.00

    Highlights Integrated microphone offers sound amplification up to 60 decibels Decked with six volume levels that offer sound modification as per your need Compact design offers a comfortable fit for both ears

  • -38% Off
    AED 20.95

    Highlights Integrated microphone offers sound amplification up to 60 decibels Decked with six volume levels that offer sound modification as per your need Compact design offers a comfortable fit for both ears

  • HAPPY FAMILY First Aid Medicine CabinetHAPPY FAMILY First Aid Medicine Cabinet 1
    AED 110.00

    Highlights Industry-grade material renders a long service life Decked with multiple shelves that let you store in an organised way Innovative smart lock offers security for your essentials

  • HAPPY FAMILY First Aid Medicine Cabinet 85HAPPY FAMILY First Aid Medicine Cabinet 85 -47% Off
    AED 85.00

    Highlights Decked with multiple compartments to let you easily organise various accessories Constructed with industry-grade material that renders a long service life Outfitted with a smart lock to facilitate secure storage

  • Generic Medication Pill Pro Organizer -44% Off
    AED 100.00

    Highlights Allows you to organize your medications for each day of the week Made of top-quality material for extended durability Ideally shaped for ease of use

  • AED 19.00

    Highlights Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances Easy donning and helps prevent rolling back Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit

  • Accu-Chek Accu-Chek Performa 50 Test Strips -47% Off
    AED 110.00

    Highlights Can also show you how diet, exercise, stress, sickness, and your medications affect blood sugar Spill resistant and simple to take just one strip Simple to use the entire end of the test strip

  • AED 20.00

    Highlights Equipped with a self-retracting blade guard for safety Contoured design offers added comfort and security while splitting Premium quality material ensures prolonged service life

  • -46% Off
    AED 10.75

    Highlights 14 dual-color compartments with easy “Snap-on” lids – easy pill organizing into AM/PM Deeper and larger compartments – 1.5”x1”x1” Each – no frustrations of badly sized pill sections High quality plastic with one side round bottom for easy pill removal Through lids (translucent) that can be easily snapped down…

  • MEDIA6 Plastic Grab Bar
    AED 50.00

    Highlights Install the handle and your have a safer bath or shower With this balance grab bar, it is superior for safety when your need to steady yourself Enjoy greater peace of mind in the bathroom with our grab bar Stylish end covers conceal the mounting hardware for a clean,…

  • AED 15.00

    Highlights Sturdy construction exhibits the capacity to hold a decent amount of weight Braced to ensure both resilience and versatility attributes Sprucely crafted to render a long lifespan, ensuring extensive usage

  • Philips Respironics InnoSpire Essence Nebulizer
    AED 174.00

    Highlights Features active Venturi system for faster delivery Stylish design incorporates a handset docking station, filter and power cord and blends gracefully into the home environment Easy to use with fewer parts to assemble or clean than other conventional nebulizers Compact design works efficiently with proven SideStream aerosol technology

  • AED 15.00

    Highlights Specially articulated to be a great help and aid for immobile patients Crafted with premium quality material for enhanced longevity Fosters a versatile tool that is ideal for use at home, hospitals and nursing homes

  • MEDIA6 Walking Stick With Seat 90
    AED 90.00

    Highlights Soft foam grip prevents hands from slipping off the apparatus while walking Includes wide base that offers a secure and stagnant positioning Equipped with LED lights that allow you to see clearly in the dark Features adjustable height for your convenience

  • HAPPY FAMILY Wall Mount Medicine CabinetHAPPY FAMILY Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet 1 -47% Off
    AED 130.00

    Highlights Store your first aid medicines in an organised way with the Happy Family First Aid Medicine Cabinet It is decked with multiple shelves and constructed with sturdy material to affirm long service life It is innovatively designed with smart lock mechanism that prevents security to the components Constructed with…