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    • AED 10.95

      Highlights Adjustable nylon fibula bands makes the bunion night splint fit your right and left foot well It applies a 3-point pressure system to relieve the hallux valgus deformity and correct the big toes to its natural alignment Ease big toe pain and soothe your sore feet at night; get straightened toes…

    • Puriderma 2-Piece Sam Splint
      AED 50.00

      Highlights PuriDerma scar removal cream is an intensive solution for scars from acne, cuts, stretch marks, c-sections, and surgeries The appearance of old and new scars will fade away for clearer skin Our advanced formula is packed with herbal extracts and naturally softens, soothes, and repairs skin

    • MEDIA6 Aluminum Reciprocating Folding Walker
      AED 150.00

      Highlights Lock pins are easy to shift from reciprocating walker to conventional walker Reciprocating action eliminates need to lift the walker during walking, perhaps very important for very weak or old patients Natural walking action & gait can be maintained by reciprocating action It is constructed from high strength aluminum…

    • AED 15.00

      Highlights Unique synthetic construction: combination of nylon and viscose yarns Porous structure aids skin Easy to apply and painless removal

    • Wellcare Elastic Lumbar Support - XXL
      AED 170.00

      Highlights Post-operative binder supports abdomen, helps return internal organs to normal position Breathable material allow air to circulate and help keep skin dry Soft, pliable front panel adjusts to body contours Provides decompression of spine, elongating the intervertebral space to alleviate pain

    • Uni grip Lumbar Sacral Support
      AED 106.00

      Highlights Effective support bandage sprain and strains Elastic band perfectly wraps around the affected area Made of 75% cotton and 25% elastodiene

    • Wellcare Plantar Fasciitis Ankle - Night Splint – LargeWellcare Plantar Fasciitis Ankle - Night Splint – Large 1
      AED 175.00

      Highlights Essential treatment to relieve night fascitis pain Double tension belts allow for increased flexion and leg angle for optimal pain stretching Soft nylon lining, giving it extra comfort Lightweight, durable and breathable for proper treatment of plantar fasciitis Highly functional fesign, customized degree of dorsiflexion

    • Mueller Self Adhering Bandage
      AED 50.00

      Highlights More stretch than conventional wraps, multi-purpose elastic offers firm support and compression Helps reduce muscle strain while maintaining its elasticity for long-term use Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear